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08-07-03, 01:51 AM
Ok, I had this spare Gigabyte 7RVXP KT333 motherboard (the one I got fixed after it broke) along with a bunch of other parts and desided to put another rig together. I took the Athlon XP 1900+ out of my water cooled rig and desided to use it in this one. Now for some reason Im having fun problems with the processor in this rig. First when I went to boot it up it detected it at 1050mhz, which was ok because the fsb was set to 100 and not 133. So I set it to 133 and then the motherboard picks up the 1900+ proc as a 1600+. I then noticed that gigabyte had changed a jumper which set the multipler to the one a 1600+ would use. So I set it back to auto and then go to boot. I hear the HD start up, then stop, start up again, stop, then start up again and stay on but no picture appears on the screen!. Then I went and set the jumper to 1900+ settings and the same thing occured. Then I went and set the jumpers to settings for a 1800+. The pc posted and I figured "hey only a little slower.. no big deal.. ill stick with this". So I begin to install windows and right at the beggining where the screen is blue and windows setup is loading stuff, the installer stops and the pc locks up! I restarted only to find the same thing happen. Then I went and turned the pc off for a few and then turned it back on. This time I got a little farther in the setup before it locked again! My temps from my CompuNurse temp probe said they were around 51 when it locked. Now this keeps happening and I dont know why.. does anyone have a clue?

08-07-03, 02:08 AM
another thing I should mention is that regardless of the speed when I first boot up the hard drive starts up then stops then starts up again and continues to boot. On the 1900+ setting it repeats like like 3 or 4 times.. but on lower ones it does it only once....

08-07-03, 02:16 AM
man this seems like a temp problem.. like on lower settings I see to get farther in setup before locking and another thing is that it seems to lock when the temp reading on my thermal probe exceedes 49.8. The motherboards BIOS claims the cpu's temps are in the 80C's but that always been off(its the first revision one where the mobo has a temp reader under the CPU) Man it seems like a temp problem but my cooler (Speeze FalconRock) is rated up to an Athlon 3000+ and my temp prob are reading fine temps.... maybe my temp probe is lying.. Its RIGHT next to the cpu core.. around the same place I had my other one which read fine.. or maybe the temp prob is causing probs by the cpu or somthing? ug... i dunno ill try another hsf tommorow to.. any hep or suggestions would be apriciated. THANKS!

08-07-03, 02:30 AM
What Vcore are you using.
Believe it or not, the 80C could be a low reading, since thermistors usually read on the cool side. Even if your temps are way off, thats still too high to ignore.
Your HSF combo is not adequate for overclocking, so make sure you VCORE is set to default, make sure you have thermal paste, and double/triple check the HSF is seated properly.

08-07-03, 10:18 AM
my cpu is unlocked but im not overclocking with it. It is actually rated for 1900+ but it cant seem to do it. When I get home later ill try remounting the hsf.

08-07-03, 01:44 PM
gggrrrrr.... great! now I think the pc is dead!!! I cant even get a picture on the screen now regardless at how low I set the jumpers!!! Stupid Speeze FalconRock is THE BIGGEST POS HSF IN THE WORLD!!!! The stupid thing was and is mounted perfectly and when removed I even see the AS3 mark right in the center of the copper core. I also found someone else on these forums who had his pc over heat with a Speeze FalconRock! Their is seriously something wrong with these hsf's! Its rated up to 3000+ yet cant hold a damn 1900+! Great now I have to go buy a new proc... that stupid thing better not have killed any other components such as my mobo or brand new 512MB HyperX ram stick or im gonna be ****ed like crazy.