View Full Version : system wont show 2nd hard drive, but shows up in bios?

08-09-03, 10:49 PM
i have 2 quantum hdds, one is 20gb (my original one; it has windows on it), and a newer 30gb one that i wanted to hook in too.

i plugged it into the open ide plug on the same cable i have my original hdd on, and booted up. i watched to see if it came up in the primary / secondary list, and it did. however, when i go into My Computer, it isnt there. i have my original hdd, my floppy, and my 3 disc drives, but no 2nd hdd.

i dont know what to do.... i set the jumpers on the hdd to secondary, but theres one that i think means that it will be whatever position it is on the ide cable. could that be it?

any help would be appreciated :)

08-09-03, 11:11 PM
Your problem would be that it has no partition on it. Assuming you are using 2k or XP, right click on my comp and choose manage. Once that opens up go to disk management and select the new drive and right click on it and choose to make a new partition. after that and its formatted it should show up and be ready to use.

08-09-03, 11:32 PM
thanks very much... that was exactly my problem :)