View Full Version : Using a computer as a surround decoder?

08-26-03, 02:52 AM
Ok, I'm working on a computer to sit by the TV doing lot of different stuff. Of course it will be at HTPC, but I still have some stuff the isn't run through the PC.

As I already got a DVD player, that's the one I'll be using for viewing films. And the VCR still has some uses. And of course TV via Satelite.. So I got some audio sources, some digital, some stereo and some stereo with surround signals as well.

Can I feed this through the computer and drive the integrated nForce2 Soundstorm 5.1 output?

Well, at the moment the speakers are a Logitech 4.1 setup, but the "pseudosurround" doesn't really work. So I need something to drive the speakers with more clear surround effects.

And as guessed, I'm no audiophile.. Just wanna maximise the benefits of what I've got.