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09-01-03, 10:51 PM
Hey, I have an
amd 2500+ w/ sk-7 & sf2
nf7-s motherboard
fortron 350w psu
corsair 512mb ddram
radeon 9600 pro

I just put this all together and got it working and installed windows and everything. The computer thinks the cpu is a 3200+, at least that's what it shows up as. And it works, but it has some problems too, it's not always that stable. It randomly restarts sometimes and it freezes up and causes programs to close. I was wondering what was causing this. Is it the cpu which seems to be self overclocked, or is it something else? I thought it might be over voltage from the psu that was causing it to restart. Anyways i need to figure this out and really need help. Thanks.

09-01-03, 11:03 PM
Go into the bios and make sure the fsb is set to 166 and the multiplier is 11. Also make sure the voltages are stable which shouldnt be a problem which such a nice psu.

09-01-03, 11:12 PM
Yeah since it thought it was a 3200+ the fsb was set to 200. I changed it to 166. I'll see how it works. It was running at 200 w/ those problems, but it didn't cause it to shut off and the motherboard make those beeping noises. So once I see how it works at 166, I'll probably up it later. Thanks