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09-18-03, 04:07 PM
so i just moved to college and my roomate is a well versed oc'er. i know about it but ive never really gotten into it myself...until now. my roomate conviced me to invest in an slk-800-u and after seeing how cold my cpu was running i couldnt just sit and watch.

so ive been testing configs for the past week or so and ive finally arrived at something stable [its been 13 hours under stability testing + 5 hours under heavy user use]:

amd xp 2700+ [tbred b]
asus a7n8x deluxe mainboard
corsair xms twinmos 512mb
bios ver: 1002 beta =D
mult: 12.0
fsb: 200
mem timings: 5-2-2-2-1.5 [slightly lower than stock]
vCore: 1.750
vDimm: 2.7
slk-800-u cpu heatsink + some $3 40cfm fan
idle temp: 40C
load temp: 45C
resulting core freq: 2400mhz
resulting mem freq: 200mhz [max advertised for my ram]

in all the benchmarks i run i beat out the 3200+ and am utterly trashed by the 3.2ghz p4 [but thats a given]. i wanna push the cpu further but it doesnt wanna go anymore. any ideas?

09-18-03, 04:12 PM
Well to get more speed out of your processor you are going to need more vcore. I am not sure you will squeez much more speed out of it since 2.4ghz is not that bad. but considering your temps you probably go a bump up in vcore and give it a try.

You probably still have headroom left in the fsb department though, and that can make a very significant boost in system performance. Corsair XMS is some good memory. You may have to loosen the timings some but I am sure you can get more fsb out of it. My corsair xms pc3200 ran at 215 with pretty tight timings.

09-18-03, 08:09 PM
Congratulations. 2.4 GHz is way above average for Thouroughbred B's.

Ordinarily you were supposed to do about 2.3.

Be sure to pass Prime95 Torture Test for 12 hours.

More than 2400 MHz is truly rare for a Thoroughbred. I would be really, really happy with 2.4 GHz. Your friend was right, all copper Thermalright SLK-800-u is the heatsink.

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10-06-03, 09:41 PM
nice overclock using just 1.75v!