View Full Version : revamp of my parts..maze 4 ww or casacade

09-25-03, 12:25 AM
alright looking around some more and from a close buy of a chiller...im rethinking some things

the maze 4 vs the white water..the maze 4 can go chilled as i was reading right? so deciding on white water vs maze 4.. or should i go cascade for 88 bucks? and can cascade go chilled water

edit: im going cascade :) anything else i should rethink for the time being

speaking of chilled water..what would need..would a pelt work or do i need more of external/compenents to chill the water

09-25-03, 03:15 PM
cascade with a chiller works very well for me

it seems to like a decent flow, over 4 lpm, up to 12 lpm that I run at that I have tested

watch the chiller minimum flow rate to avoid freezing your heat exchanger...