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10-03-03, 04:08 PM
* Disclaimer: Due to its content, the following should not be tried by anyone. *

Thank you member Gnufsh for info regarding editing default BIOS settings.

1. Download
Modbin6 (Award BIOS)

Edit: for AMI BIOS, download AMIbcp (Thanks again Gnufsh)

2. Place the BIOS .bin file in the same directory as Modbin6.exe file

3. Double click on Modbin6.exe file.

4. The first thing you see is a menu that lets you select which file to edit. Press Enter to make a selection. You are taken to the main editing screen.

5. Select "Edit Setup Screen," by using the arrow keys to move around to highlight it, and then pressing Enter.

6. Use the arrow keys to move around BIOS options. Press Enter to select a field to be modified.
Press the - key to modify default values.

7. When finished, press Escape then pres Alt+F to select an option to save your modified BIOS file which can be used to flash BIOS to modifed default settings.

Remeber that doing this is very risky.

10-03-03, 04:42 PM
modbin is only useful for modifing Award BIOSes. for an AMI BIOS, you need AMIbcp.