View Full Version : softFSB and mobo question

12-20-00, 12:04 PM
i d/led softFSB hoping that i would be able to change my bus speed. the problem is that it does not have my mobo or chips in the pull down menu.
here are my numbers. BCM board w/intel 440BX/ZX chipset and winbond W83781D. could someone please help im running out of options

Big Lar
12-20-00, 03:41 PM
A Long time ago I had that exact same board, and asked the same question you ask now. The answer then as well as now = You can't OC that board. However, I did find the board to be extremely stable, and it ended up in my sons computer....

12-20-00, 03:46 PM
lol, thanks. i will be getting new mobo and then cpu in the next few weeks

12-29-00, 04:51 AM
Sh** then Im out of options too.
Ive been looking for weeks :(