View Full Version : celery 667 any help please?

12-24-00, 04:08 AM
oka buddy of mine has this celeron 667Mhz, is there anywhere I can get diagrams and pictures showing how to overclock this thing on a compaq presario 5000? I know its crap but its all he's got. anything would be appreciated thanx :)

12-24-00, 04:28 AM
I doubt that the compaq motherboard will allow much tweaking.

Voltage can be altered at this page here: here (http://www.cotty.btinternet.co.uk/vidpin.htm)

And FSB's should be altered from settings within the BIOS, however I imagine that the COMPAQ board may not have any.

Moreover, the Celeron 667 is not exactly the best chip for overclocking - 566's and 600's are much more capable of reaching a 100Mhz FSB which is creatable on most motherboards.