View Full Version : o/c'ing a celery II 700... help please!

12-29-00, 11:11 AM
yeah uh i just got a celery 700 for christmas and i tried to o/c it... i noticed nobody else could hit a 100fsb so i tried 75.. worked.. so i stepped it up to 83fsb worked... got into windoze and ran 3dmark 2000 and no lockups... so i decided to get on the next i connect and go to open ie5.5 and i get a kernel32.dll error i thought all it needed was a reboot so i did while booting i get a message that says invalid system disk please replace and press enter... didn't know what that was all about went into my bios and told it to boot from hdd first instead of floppy did the same thing ran a boot disk and typed c: then i typed dir to see what was on my hdd everything was f'ed up! it gave a volume label to my drive called TL TXT and a spade next to the TXT it told me i had a 12 gig hdd when it is only a 4.5 i format it and reinstalled windoze and here i am was this the result of a o/c go horribly wrong or just a mere windoze error? TIA

12-29-00, 12:53 PM
HEHE I also had this problem...You corrupted your hard drive. Don't worry you can get to 877 (83fsb) easily just you have to turn off dma in your bios. Once you do that your fine. What are your temps and voltage?

Celeron II 700 @ 877 @ 1.65v (1.7 default) 26.0 C idle & 35-37 C full load

ATI RADEON 32mb DDR 198/396
2 - 10 gb 5400 rpm hard drives

12-29-00, 02:55 PM
I am glad to see that more people are getting the celeronII700 But I am sad to say I still can not hit 100FSB I even took some advice and took off the Golden orb and bought an Alpha seems to be working but I get only 2 degs cooler than my Golden orb and still cannot hit 100FSB I even tried 2.4V still only get 83
Golden orb temp idle 29-34 full load 35-41
Alpha idle 25-32 full load 34-39 full load

12-29-00, 03:40 PM
Glad to see you got rid of the orb...sry to see you didn't get to 100...me either :"""(. Yea 877 is pretty damn fast tho...i was looking into buying an ASUS P3C-D. It is a dual cumine with rimm...i want that sooo bad...800 ram holy **** is all i have to say bout that. Hey burly can you send me some information like benchamrks in 3mark and sisoft sandra about all ur cpus thanx

12-29-00, 04:51 PM
i don't know the temps of the cpu my board doesn't support it... the temp of the board itself is ~88 degrees F turn off dma in my bios huh? ok i'll give that a try... i'll turn it off in windows too just in case thanks a lot

12-29-00, 05:02 PM
ok... well i'm at 875 or whatever it is... is this 83mhz bus speed ok to run at? i've read that it is a non-standard bus speed and it may have undisirable effects to run stuff at it... will i be ok?

also i need a good stress test to put this through know of ne?

voltage is at default...

12-29-00, 05:13 PM
No probelm I will e-mail them to you. If you have high speed internet or don't mind wating I can send screen shots of sissoft sandra. I will get you some Q3A and UT game of the year edition also.

12-29-00, 05:40 PM
is it safe running at this bus speed? will it damage nething?

12-31-00, 01:05 PM
I am currently running my Celeron 700mhz cC0 at a steady 902mhz (85mhz FSB) @ 1.80v Vcore on an Abit BE6-II mobo, and have had no problems what so ever.

My Idle temps were highish to start with, even at 700mhz 1.70v Vcore, so I added extra case cooling (case=28DegC CPU=32DegC with rain running) these max out at around 50DegC under full load using CPU Burn, but I don't consider that too bad for a CPU that is designed to run up to 80DegC