View Full Version : P.4b and BE7-Raid

12-12-03, 01:12 PM
I have the BE7 board currently runnig my trusty ole' 1.6@2.4. I picked up a 2.4B C1 chip to put in. I am hopingto get to 3.2. HSF is an AX478 with Mechatronics fan, psu is Antec Tru480, case is well ventilated, ram is Corsair XMS 3200 c2. So it will be the cpu's fault if it doesn't go that high ;). My question is this, has anybody had any experience running Corsair XMS with the 4:5 divider at 175+ fsb? To get to 3.2 takes 178 and with 4:5 hat would meean DDR440. I run at 400 now with the fastest timings at stock ram volts, so I am thinking it should make it. I will run the pci/agp LOCKED at 37.