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01-08-04, 08:05 AM

Here's my rig:

AMD Duron "Morgan" 1GHz @ 1133 (8.5x133) (1.8 Volts)
Soyo K7-ADA Bios 2BA5
Generic 256MB DDR PC-2100 2.5/3/3
Dual Heat Pipe Heat Sink w/ AMD OEM fan for silence
350W Power Supply

I can boot only these settings:

1133 (8.5x133)
1050 (10.5x100)
1000 (10x100)
850 (8.5x100)

I tried and only got the black screen and then had to clear the CMOS on these:

1200 (12x100)
1200 (9x133)
1300 (13x100)
1100 (11x100)

I am confident though from the temps, die size and having gotten it to 1190 with 140FSb and 8.5 (though unstable) that 1200 by 9x133 is possible. I also saw on Tom's Hardware that this family covered 900-1300 Mhz.
I have been reading about the KT133 problem and how the only way around it is to physically change the defualt multiplier on the CPU. SO I'm all "Cool. I'll do that now." I figure since I'm stable at 8.5 that will be my new default multiplier. I look at a chart and see that my L6 should be:

. | :::

and, without breaking the contact, I can choose the 8x multipler which is:


But I pulled the CPU and here's the listings of my Bridges:

L1 ||||| (Pencil trick)
L3 |::|.
L4 ||::.
L10 :|.
L5 .|::|
L11 ||:||
L7 |||||
L8 .|||||
L6? .|||||

Shouldn't my L6 be .|:::? And why is there an extra bridge. My CPU is the Morgan and identified with CPU-Z and WCPUID. It also looks like the picture here:

http://www.hexus.net/content/reviews/review.php?dXJsX3Jldmlld19JRD0yMTEmdXJsX2hpc3Rvcnk 9LTI=

Now, I've read about the "Electrical Bridge Blowing" technique but with all the info and these two sites:


I am confused! :confused:

What am I missing? First, from what I've read my bridges are wrong. My L6 should have only one closed. Second, MY L3 is correct but shouldn't my L4 be |:|:. ? Argh!!!!

Please help. I wanna squeeze some more performance out of the computer. And please forgive any inchoerent parts. I am not sure what to do and I feel like I am missing a part of the puzzle.

Any help will be appreciated.



The Coolest
01-08-04, 11:30 AM
Ok, first of all your motherboard has an Ali chipset, which is niether VIA, SiS or nVidia. I never heard anything about those chipsets so I can't be of too much help, although I'm pretty good (sort of) with the CPU bridges. The L6 are responsible for setting the MAX available multiplier when the CPU is mobile, these bridges are useless when it comes down to a desktop CPU.
You might be only able to get those multipliers you got because you didn't connect all L1s properly, this can cause some multipliers not to work, or not to be set correctly/properly.
The bridges that set your "default" multiplier are L3, L4, L10.
For the settings that you need to do for each and every multiplier check out this page: http://www.ocinside.de/html/workshop/socketa/xp_painting.html
(This is for the Palominos XP CPUs, which are just the same to the duron with the only difference of cut L2 cache and ceramic packaging on the duron).