View Full Version : O/C an old mobo

03-11-01, 04:14 AM
hi, i am new to over clocking and was wondering how to overclock a
Acer PCI P5 60/66 M1449/51 4PCI 4ISA

MOBO's Bus speed.

it's kind of sad how i am running a 100mhz Pentium and that is my mobo max, i was just wondering if you could help me squeeze a lil more speed out at a safe rate. like if the bus speed is runnning @60mhz i want to run it @66mhz. (i have no idea about my bus frequency!)

i had to disable my L2 Cache because when i upgraded my ram to 32megs (i had 24 before!) everytime my comp accesed that ram it crashed. i need some way to pick back up performance, i have a choice of having 32megs ram and no L2 cache or having 24megs ram with that L2 cache in there.

i don't know how to overclock anything, this old comp seems unclockable, only thing i can do that i know is underclock

03-11-01, 04:29 AM
Well, the old PC's were the hardest to overclock. I got a few of these free.
This is what i accomplished

Why not get a new chip or something. Have a look at second hand faster pentiums or even a K6-2.
I would doubt you could squeeze much more as the older chips have very little overclocking ability.