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01-26-04, 05:47 PM
*Submitted by Tismedt*

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OK folks it's that time of year to start thinking about the summer plans. Sooo I would like to try and do a Overclockers Forums Camping & Rafting trip. Lets see how far this goes. If we get enough ppl 100% sure they are going to show up I can book a group site at a rather nice campground. If we only get a few ppl that want to go we can just get a couple sites and have a go at it. I'd like to make it the weekend of May 28, 29, 30. The water will be flowing good and the temps should be good. Dates are not set in stone so speak up if you have a suggestion for when.

Heres the particulars

The place I want to go to is called Cache Creek. Its about 90 min north of San Francisco off of interstate 505. There are organized trips that cost about 140.00 per person that includes raft rental, life jacket food and merryment. I've done that trip but its a bit too regimented for me. I mean you have to catch the bus by x hour, eat dinner at x hour, be up and packed by xhour and eat breakfast at this time etc etc. I prefer the local camp ground. It has nice green grass sites and is well maintained. Then we can move at our own pace. Also there's some flushy type restrooms, good ol out houses and water spickets throughout the grounds. No showers though Fire pits at each site and the ice cream man drives by selling hey ice cream, ice, soda's and what not. Its right on the river and you can launch your raft, tube, kayak right there. The camp ground has spots for RV's at most sites and plenty of room for tents. Auto parking is readily availible for a small fee if you have more vehicles then allowed at each site. This is a nice place with a small town about ten miles away for those trips to the store for drinks, food and whatnots. Another ten or so miles down the road is Cache Creek Indian Casino if you dare to try your luck at Slots, Cards or Bingo. I'll try to find a site that has more info on the camp site.

This creek (Link with pics of creek) has mostly class 2 rapids and a couple class 3's nothin very serious but oh the fun. State law requires you to properly wear a life jacket at all times while on the creek. So everyone that plans on coming (if it happens) has to have a life jacket period. I prefer using a innertube to shoot the rapids but others have inflatable rafts, kayaks and bonafide river rafts. Now this can be dangerouse so I would say no one under the age of eighteen unless accompanied by a parent or responsible guardian. That doesnt mean 6 teenagers and one of em 18 yrs old. I mean a responsible person as in someone who could sign a authorization form at a hospital. Not that anything will happen but you never know.

Sooo what do you guys think? Can this happen? Post here any questions and I'll answer them the best I can.

Lets go Rafting.

01-26-04, 08:37 PM
Thanks Lutawicasa for posting this

I had put links in the original post but I guess they didnt make the transfer. so here they are

Cache Creek Rafting (http://creekin.net/cache.htm)

Cache Creek Indian Casino (http://www.cachecreek.com/index.html)

I havent found one for the campground yet but I'm pretty sure there is a site. so if I find it I'll post it up here.

I'll monitor this thread and answer any questions so ask away.

Hope this gets going cuz this is a great trip and I think it would be great to get a bunch of ppl from the forums together for a outing like this. Oh yea there is no electricity at the campground or hardline phones. Its deep in a canyon and the power poles stop at the last town. When we were there a couple yrs ago some ppl had cell service but not many. Soo unless you bring a generator don't plan on any computers. Don't worry you can make it a couple days without em. If you decide to come make sure you bring a good water gun. I would say over half of the ppl on the river carry some sort of water gun so be prepared to defend your self in a water fight. You also want to have good strap on sandles like Teva or rockports or a old pair of sturdy tennis shoes for wearing in the water, as well as a decent life jacket. Theres rocks everywhere and you'll need. Another thing to bring is a plastic cooler for carrying drinks. I prefer Cache Creek Coolers and we can discuss that recipe there:cool:

Oh yea one more thing. The ref to N. Ca is only a location. folks from anywhere are welcome even you guys in L.A. :D

So lets get this going. Or are you scared?

01-27-04, 03:32 AM
I'm scared and really considering. For me, it depends on when I have to walk the walk for my graduation. :D I'll find out.