View Full Version : 2500+ @ 2.4GHZ or 2800+ "AQXDA" week 15??!!

02-13-04, 05:20 PM
I currently am running a 2500+ @ 2400Mhz on watercooling, the 2500+ doesnt like 1.85+ voltages, therefore hindering a higher overclock.

I was wondering if the 2800+ mentionaed in the subject would yeild better results.

02-13-04, 05:53 PM
Unfortunately, there's no way to tell short you actually trying it out yourself. However, if you are having problems with higher voltages, it is usually on account of the power supply and not the processor. 2.4GHz w/1.85v could easily scale to above 2.6GHz using 2.1v in most cases. In any case, I'd probably hang tight. Past 2.2GHz or so, there is no noticeable difference, and not even a large difference in benchmarks. You've already got a solid setup which I wouldn't risk trading away.

02-13-04, 07:47 PM
Well I purchased a week 0340 Barton 2800 and the multiplier is locked at 12.5. I bumped the vcore to 2.0 and upped the fsb to 200 = 2,500. It would post bios and boot to XP, but then the system would crash. It is on air. NB voltage at 1.75. I do have two generic 250mb sticks of PC 2700 and will be changing them to a single stick of PC3500. Right now most stable under Windows and P95 is 12.5x184=2,302. So hopefully with different ram and voltages I can at least get it stable to 2,400.