View Full Version : SilenX Vs my Sunon ......

04-14-04, 06:56 PM
i bought a watercooling kit that has a 120mm sunon fan mounted....i think it moves around 90cfm at 40db (loud)argghhh

now i thinkin of investin in :

SilenX 120mm 14dBA Fan
Fan Speed: 1800 RPM
Air Flow: 58 CFM
Noise Level: 14 dBA

worth it ?? how many degC would i lose

maybe mounting one on back of radiator too so pushin and pullin underneath...

comments please

Busty St. Clair
04-14-04, 07:52 PM
personally i would get a fan controller or rheobus what ever you want to call it and just drop the voltage to about 3/4.

04-14-04, 08:09 PM
Sunons are known to have a good price/performance/noise ratio, and seeing just one site listing that SilenX 120mm fan for $34 USD...just go buy a 5w rheostat (a.k.a. pot). You'll have adjustability, which can get you into silent operation like that SilenX as well as good flow when you need it.

Most rheostats aren't more than $5-10, much less than that fan.

I'd say just a few degrees would be lost, due to diminishing returns when using greater airflow.