View Full Version : New mobo issues IC7-G Max2

04-24-04, 07:03 PM
Mobo: Abit IC7-G Max2
CPU: P4 2.8 with HT
Mem: 2x512 Samsung DDR400
HDD: 1 WD SE 120gb
VC: not defined (try GF2 64mb, TNT2 32mb, GF4TI 128mb)

Issues, the computer won't boot, I see the fans running but there's no video, only 2 beep after start, I thinks it's like no video beeps, not shure...
I all ready flash the bios to the latest one v.23 I can make the computer boot some times with the TI card but with the others theres no screen at all.
My other issues is that the HDD is not detected on the Bios at all, I even try to make it on sata with the Abit adapter still the same, but if I connect a second smaller hdd the computer recognize my WD hd, and for the smaller even alone it read it just fine. So I don't know what's really happening with that mobo, it's brand new. (3 days old).
Any comments??????!!!!!

Please help me!!!!!!!!!!! :cry: