View Full Version : mobo+cpu swap good idea?

04-30-04, 03:11 PM
So im thinking of trading my a7v8x-x mobo and my 2600+ for an a7n8x mobo and 2500+ cpu. i have pc3500 ram that my board cant use fully without breaking something and thats the main reason for the mobo trade. as far as the cpu goes, i went to my friends house today(the one i may be trading with) and toyed with his comp and with his rig(same pny ram i have) i put the fsb rig to 200x11 and it ran fine with 1.65v. went into windows and was idling at 39 and 20 ambient

when i saw that i nearly shat. my 2600+ right now at 13x166 is 43 idling and my mobo is at a raging 38. both of us have volcano 9's.

should i do the trade?
is the locked 2500+ better/that much better than my unlocked 2600+ ?

04-30-04, 03:33 PM
well it depends, because my unlocked t-bred 2600+ does 2.39, as for temps get a better heatsink, and then you can beat his temps, or try lapping the one you have.

04-30-04, 04:01 PM
I would do the trade just to have a nforce 2 board over a via. Nforce 2 boards are way betteri than the via 400 and 600 as they have great onboard sound, pci/agp lock and many more features that an overclocker will want. Also you will finally be able to take advantage of have that pc3500 memory.

Keep clockin