View Full Version : HD chanel placment

05-11-04, 07:46 PM
I just found an old old 8 GB hard drive from a scrapped p2 computer (my old folding computer, had to be scrapped for space saving reasons) I want to use it in my new computer, but I dont want it to slow down any of my IDE channels....Right now i have one channel w/ 2 optical drives on it, and another channel with 1 hd on it. I have 2 free SATA channels and an IDE to SATA converter. Where would be an ideal spot to install this drive w/i creating a bottleneck?

For the reccord its a Quantum BIGFOOT 5.25 inch drive.

05-11-04, 07:53 PM
IDE 2...put the main HDD on the SATA drive using the IDE to SATA converter...then put the two optical drives on IDE 1...then set the BIOS to boot from the SATA...

05-11-04, 08:26 PM
OK installed my ABIT SATA drivers and put the primary on the SATA channel....I poereed the drive and the connector and pluged the SATA cable into the MOBO header. THen I set the 1st boot device to SATA. My computer got to the boot screen and then locked up! Its back running 1 HDD on an IDE channel. Whats the deal?