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05-25-04, 04:22 AM
Have anybody here can help me, let me know how to overlock AMD64 3200+ ?
'Cause CPU AMD64 & chip KT800 too new with me and i also dun know how to do that(overlock)

-----My system computer------
AMD Athlon 64Bit 3200+ (ADA3200AEP5AP)
MSI NEO series - K8KT800
512Mb Ram Kingston
120Gb HDD
AGPCard Gef 5700 (DVI/VIVO)
LG Multi DVD
Soundcard Creative Audigy ex
PSU HEC 530w
Cassing CoolerMaster

Now my computer run at 2.2Ghz FSB 221 System lock 221 x10 Temp: 38c , 43c use AMD fan ~5000 rpm
AGP core clock frequency 430Mhz
mem clock frequency 525Mhz
Vcore ~1.58v Mainboard only alow max 1.6v
MemVolt 2.6v Mainboard only alow max 2.6v
AGPVolt 1.6v Mainboard only alow max 1.85v

So now on, i want to ask can i overlock more than. How can do that? What thing i need?

1 more question, why FSB (of RAM) only run at 200hz can it run at 400hz when i put 1 more 512Mb RAM
and can i unlock max voltage set by MSI mainboard


05-25-04, 05:53 AM
i've got pretty much the same thing for me, max i can get is fsb 221 x10 on my asus K8V. i havent messed with memory timings due to the fact that i dont know anything about them. i just remembered i havent tried uping the voltage so i will try that later, i got a volcano polo 735 and temps are a little lower than his.


05-25-04, 10:15 AM

The reason why you can't overclock higher is because the board doesn't have the Pci/Agp lock.

I too have an Asus 8kv with Amd64 3200 and can't go further then 220Fsb.

I'm waiting for the Nforce 3 250 boards cause they support Pci/Agp lock.

I"m looking forward to see what my results are then


05-25-04, 10:25 AM
There is one thing you can try. I' ve read this somewhere on the internet.

Lower you hyper transport to 600 and set the memory to ddr 333.

Now try up the fsb and see how for you can go. That guy reached 233 i think.

It didnt worked for me though :(

05-25-04, 04:34 PM
The reason why you can't overclock higher is because the board doesn't have the Pci/Agp lock

Thats exactly the answer. The Nforce chipsets are much more overclock friendly, even the 150 series. Just a bit trickier.

05-25-04, 05:04 PM
you may get 10 more mhz out of the hypertransport, if your lucky.

05-25-04, 05:08 PM
Hrmmm...not so fast people. He's got an FX5700. Those babies can take an AGP bus close to 100MHz without crapping out. The question is, can the PCI bus take it? I think that a 40MHz PCI may be possible to muster up with that setup, which means we could be talking 2.4GHz. However, I think it's the limited core voltage that's getting in the way. Mine doesn't do to well with close to 1.7v.

05-25-04, 07:06 PM
so that mean i cant go higher than 2.2ghz?:(
the mainboad MSI KT800 too bad to ovzlock?
can i set 255x9 or 220x10.5? it is possible?
'cause i want to try to run at 2.3ghz or more

05-25-04, 07:32 PM
Try slowly upping your HTT, although I'm honestly quite doubtful that you'll get too far with only 1.58v. No way to know other than trying.