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06-01-04, 09:39 PM
I am looking to replace my stock fan on my ThermalTake Slient Boost (27.5 cfm) with something with a little more power. After looking around I think I either want to go with a TT SmartfanII or a Panaflo, high speed 80 mm fans.

My questions are -

1. Can I plug either one of these fan directy into my motherboard (Abit NF7S)?
2. Would there be much benifit to getting the 92mm version of these fans with an 80 to 92 mm fan adapter?
3. What would your choice be(any first hand experience)?


06-01-04, 09:56 PM
Just FYI, the older Silent Boosts actually came with medium panaflos that had their noise level under-rated.

1) I plug my High speed panaflos into the headers on my mobo with no problems, however the Smart Fan II at full blast would probably fry it.
2) Yes, you'd get more airflow for the same amount of noise and if you have an adapter you help alievate the "dead-spot" right over the CPU core.
3) I'd go with the Panaflo High if you're looking for quiet cooling or the SFII if you want performance. I found my SFII to be loud unless I turned it all the way down (with the provided manual adjustment knob) so it moved very little air. My Panaflos move more air at the same noise level.

Captain Newbie
06-01-04, 10:24 PM
1. You probably could get away with it. I have my Thermaltake Thunderblade 92mm fan with a special adaptor that allows me to run the RPM cable to the 'board and the power to the PSU so that I avoid burning something out. I'm paranoid about cooling I guess.
2. If you ducted it, then yes, and you'd also cure a potential "dead spot". Lower RPM + Higher Diameter = more airflow with either less or equivalent noise.
3. I'm weird. I'd get an SP-97. Oh, I have one :cool: but honestly, I'm not overly impressed with ThermalTake heatsink/fans...I had a TT V11+