View Full Version : Do Not Buy The Waterchill L20 Kit

07-07-04, 04:28 PM
This kit is beyond bad, 45idle wtf. I only have a cpu block, and that's it. My sp-97 did better than that. 38 idle. 7 degree difference. I warn everyone avoid this at all costs.

07-07-04, 04:35 PM
Have you tried to diagnose what's causing the high temps? Bad mount, to much additive , or a change in room temp could cause high temps.

07-07-04, 04:37 PM
well, I haven't reseated the CPU Block, the Ceramique is spread correctly, I know that. I think it's the waterblock, seeing its rated at the bottom of overclockers.com list, we have central air set at 73, my room is 72 right now. So I don't think its that bad. I had to mount the radiator outside the case because it doesn't fit in my case, but I don't think that could do it

07-07-04, 10:48 PM
reset the block and idling 34. Thank god. Still the directions on this kit aren't the best

07-07-04, 11:13 PM
Told Ya.:p It's a decent kit. It uses a Hydor pump and 3/8" tubing. Can't be that bad.

07-07-04, 11:29 PM
How high is your vcore?

07-07-04, 11:38 PM
default 1.65