View Full Version : Do mobos read internal thermal diode?

John G
07-27-04, 08:03 AM
I remember quite a while ago that AMD started including internal thermal diodes in to Athlons, but none of the mobos would read it and instead used their own sensor in the socket. Has that changed? Is all the current stuff reading it now? :)


John G

07-29-04, 07:58 AM
My Asus A7N8X-deluxe could access the internal diode.
My ABIT NF7-S cannot (or will not...even more aggravating).

07-29-04, 08:02 AM
I think it varies from board to board. My K7D uses the diode AFAIK (760MPx chipset) whereas my old Jetway 663AS (KT133 chipset) used the socket thingy. Have a look in the socket and see if there is a sensor there?

John G
07-29-04, 09:29 AM
I have an NF7-S v2. I didn't notice anything in the socket, but I wasn't looking carefully either. Not sure what it does. :)

I was mostly asking because a guy with an MSI board was getting almost 90C temp reported just booting into the BIOS cold... And, he insisted HSF was on right and nothing seemed hot. It would shut down after a half minute or so into boot or windows install. Probably from thermal protection. So, I thought it might be a bad sensor, probably on the mobo, but I didn't want to completely rule out the CPU either.