View Full Version : Clocking DDR400 over 400mhz @ 1:1?? (AMD)

07-29-04, 05:31 AM
Details first:
AMD 2600 Barton (not mobile, locked)
MSI k7N2-Delta
1G (512x2) Corsair PC3200 DDR400
Idle: 30-35c
Load: >40c

OK, I'm confused. :bang head Is it safe to OC the CPU FSB and keep the DRAM ratio @ 1:1 whereby the DDR400 memory is overclocked to say 410? Or should the ratio be reduced (6:5) so that the memory stays underneath the 400 limit?

After searching my ass off around here, I think I came to the conclusion that no good can come to pushing the DDR400 past 400mhz(?), so obviously if I wanted to OC my CPU over 200FSB, I'd have to reduce the ratio. But would that decrease performance or what?

I guess what I need to know is:

1. Is it worthwhile/dangerous to keep the ratio at 1:1 if that means that the DRAM clock exceeds 400mhz.

2. DOes reducing the ratio so I can increase the FSB while keeping the Mem under or @ 400mhz affect performance negatively?

Somebody set me straight please.

07-29-04, 06:29 AM
You should keep the memory in 1:1. Using a divider to make the memory slower will give you next to no performance gains. So yes it's worthwhile and safe to overclock 1:1 on the ram

07-29-04, 06:33 AM
very good.....thanks for the info!