View Full Version : How can you check the cache size of a hard drive?

09-23-04, 07:15 AM
I was wonderin if theres any physical way to see a hard drives cache size, like with a program like CPUZ or something.
(I know CPUZ doesn't do that, I just mean a program like it)

more importantly, is there any way to benchmark it, see how much of the cache is actually being used, and things like that?

09-23-04, 07:58 AM
Yep, Diskcheckup (http://www.passmark.com/products/diskcheckup.htm) or Dtemp (http://www.private.peterlink.ru/tochinov/) can give you this information.


08-31-14, 02:17 PM
I did a search in the Diskcheck help and it did not come up with "cash" and I don't see a place that tells the cash and Dtemp does not work But Deskcheck looks like A nice tool to learn from

08-31-14, 02:20 PM
I searched too for Cache as well but no. Diskcheck looks like a good tool to learn from. Any good ways to learn just how that Hard drive works and how the SS drives work. I want to see how big the cash is and how it is being utilized and how I can control it if possible

08-31-14, 02:20 PM
Thank You