View Full Version : Best Benching/Overclocking OS

10-03-04, 04:46 PM
Well i see that guy who broke the 40k mark in 3dmark01 used windows 2k, now a few people have been saying that 2k is better for benches than xp and is somewhat more stable. Now i have xp currently but have my old win2k disc and need a reformat pretty soon, and i was going to use 2k but wasnt sure if its just random info that people are throwing out there, i also heard win2k doesnt use HT correctly. Is this true?

10-03-04, 05:27 PM
For you XP is better for most benchmarks espescialy the 3dmark benchies. All because you have an Intel chip. If you owned an AMD then for that bench you would have better luck with 2K and DX8.
Also 2K does not properly utilize hyperthreading like XP does, so yes thats true.