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11-29-04, 07:48 AM
hey guys...

i have just hit a wall overclocking my CPU, its a 2.8, got it to 3.4 with stock volts on CPU, and ram running at 2.7 just cuz its bad ram...

i have decided to buy a watercooling system, wiht a budget of 200$

i saw the corsair 200 but i was told that i can get better more efficient ones if i put my own together, rather than buying a kit...

so, wat would u guys recommend i get for 200$? i need all components with JUST a P4 block for now, no need for AGP block...

can u help me out please? links? names? thanx!

Voodoo Rufus
11-29-04, 11:12 AM
Swiftech MCW6002: $40
MCP350/Aquaxtreme/LaingD4 (your choice): $80
Heater core with shroud: ~$45 for the Dtek Pro Core

Keeps you under $200 with performance to spare. Run a Tline instead of a res for more cost savings too.


11-29-04, 11:31 AM
of course ur gonna need the coolants, tubing, fans etc. But that wont come in too expensive.

I would agree on a t-line because it is inexpensive, although it has downsides like being harder to fill that a res but it has beter water flow.

11-29-04, 12:59 PM
To add a lil bit to what Voodoo said...

The pump is on sale for $70.95 at www.voyeurmods.com now.

You can use a '77 Pontiac Boneville Heater Core from Autozone for about $18
You will need to make a DIY shroud but thats pretty danged easy and can be made out of sheet metal, re-enforced cardboard, acryllic, or even the correct sized tupperware works. If you dont mind DIY then it saves ya $20, if not the Dtek is great as well.

I would definitely go with the T-line with a fillport as well. Dangerden puts out a nice one for around $11 (that price is from www.voyeurmods.com) which gives a nice permanent finished look to the setup or you can fab one yourself with a simple barbed to threaded fitting with a cap from your local hardware store for around $3.