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Dunga Bee
09-10-01, 10:55 AM
Hello all.

I have a quick memory question. I recently purchased a new mobo (EPoX 8KTA3) with a 1.4GHz Athlon.

I have 128MB of PC100 from the old PC that is being dismantled for parts (bad mobo) and I have ordered 512MB of PC133.

I am running the FSB @ 133 with just the PC100 memory right now and everything is OK.

I am wondering, when the 512MB of PC133 arrives should I mix the two or will the PC100 only bring the preformance down.

Dunga Bee

09-10-01, 11:16 AM
You can use both but you're limited to the performance of the slower memory (PC100) and you might also be limited in FSB by the slower memory. I had a stick of CAS2 PC100 that would do 133 MHz CAS3, but it would crap at CAS2 or any FSB higher than 133. If you're using Windows 98/ME it's a moot point anyway - those OS'es are limited to 512 MB of RAM, so if you're using one of those just throw the PC133 in there. An extra 128 MB of RAM is going to make little difference unless you're running a lot of memory bandwidth-intensive programs pretty frequently, even with Win2K or Linux, so if I were you I'd be happy with the 512 MB PC133.

Maybe sell the 128 MB stick to family/a friend/etc as a cheap performance upgrade? You could probably fetch $15-20 to install it into someone's system....