View Full Version : How to setup PC2400? overclock

09-12-01, 04:12 PM
Just wondering how you take advantage of your ram? I currently have 512 cosair 2400 in the epox8k7a. I read things about ram timing and what not. How can I tweak my ram to get full advantage out of it. My benchmarks are the exact same as pc2100 on sandra.

09-12-01, 05:52 PM
the faster ram speeds mean it can run at faster fsb, if your running the same fsb, and the same CAS, then you won't notice much difference..

to get the most of that ram, make sure you're running CAS 2 and your fsb is as high as you can get, stable

09-12-01, 07:44 PM
What about ram timing? I notice people throwing numbers up like 8-2-2-2-1-6 what does this mean? where can I read about it at>?

09-12-01, 07:48 PM