View Full Version : headset problem....please help

12-22-04, 09:03 AM
hey guys, i have a problem :(. anyways, i have the logitech premium stereo headset (the non-usb one) and it works great. im pleased with the audio quality and the voice quality over teamspeak, but i also have a MAJOR problem. the mic outputs all sound coming out of my headphones! this means that if i have a plane roaring overhead and a tank shooting right beside me and im trying to talk over teamspeak, my team is hearing every single thing i am. obviously this poses a serious problem and i would like some help resolving it. i end up having to turn my game sound off like almost entirely just to be able to talk to the other people. any ideas? and also, if i cant get this fixed, do you think buying a plantronics dsp-500 with usb would fix it? thats a last resort though.

i hope you guys get what im saying up above. its like i have music and sounds coming outta my speakers and i have my mic catching all the sound.....but im not using speakers im using my headphones which doesnt make any sense at all. i could let my friends listen to a whole cd even though its coming outta my headphones!

12-22-04, 06:40 PM
problem fixed, took awhile though