View Full Version : mem for overclocking asus p4c800 Dlx

12-30-04, 04:20 PM
Well I just put this computer together and I need to get some ram. I want to get 2 sticks of 512. Once I get my water cooling together I plan on overclocking. These are the specs that I have. Can anybody recommend some good memory?

P4 3.0
asus p4c800-deluxe
enermax 550w
nvidia fx5900 ultra w/256mb

12-30-04, 04:26 PM
u need something to run about 250/260 with tightest timings 1-1.some modules with sammy tccd chips. something with bh5 ( u need at least 3.3 volts to get the most out of it) crucial pc4000 ballistix. or the ocz vx modules with the mystery chips.

12-30-04, 04:40 PM
I have a p4p800 with 2.6gig chip, I have some Patriot xbl mem that will run stable at 270-275 with timings at 2.5-3-3-7. That is the most that my chip will run at. I have tested the mem in memtest to 300 with same timings as single chips without errors over night.

12-31-04, 01:23 PM
That patriot sounds good especially for $219, I think Im going to go with that. Thanks

12-31-04, 05:01 PM
I also have some of the g skill, to me they are both pretty close.