View Full Version : 6k in 3Dmark05

01-01-05, 01:36 AM
I broke 6k in 3dmark05 with the rig in my sig. Is this a good score for this kind of rig? (Sorry for huge image, Would not resize in adobe without looking crappy.) :(


01-01-05, 03:02 AM
for a dual sli 6600gt, i would say so!

01-01-05, 09:46 AM
I would think it would be a good bit better than that my 6800 scored 6077 so I would think you should atleast be in the 7000 range but I may be wrong on that.

01-01-05, 01:54 PM
Oh for a second i thought that was w/ just one 6600GT. Good score there.

01-01-05, 05:44 PM
well arnt the 6600 gts in sli mode the same or alittle better then a 6800 u? :-/

01-01-05, 06:00 PM
Well I just looked and I am sorry for my post yes that is a great score I just looked and that would place you 7th on the list the highest is 7226 but there is only 3 in the 7000 range.See if this link works for you it should bring up all 6600 gt http://service.futuremark.com/servlet/Index?pageid=/orb/projectsearch

01-01-05, 09:02 PM
Yea it is still a nice score bet yea by 2 points tho lol