View Full Version : DDR or not?

09-25-01, 10:55 PM
my friend told me that a new type of RAM is coming out. i was planning on going DDR as soon as the KT266a chipset came out. since my 1.2 AXIA wouldn't really make use of the nForce 440's full mem cause its not supported yet. but now i'm having second thoughts. what do you think guys? is it worthit going DDR or is SDR good enough? as you can see i need a new mobo badly since i'm only running on a KT7 and i can't get 133fsb. so basically my chip is going to waste

Hugo 59
09-25-01, 11:03 PM
I think at this point that there is really no reason not to go DDR as the prices are just as low as SDram. As far as something new coming down the road well there is always something down the road.

As for new ram coming out I have not heard that maybe he was refering to DDR that supports 333 which is just DDR 2700 but the KT266a will support DDR 2700. I say DDR.

09-25-01, 11:06 PM
As cheap as DDR is lately? There is absolutely no reason NOT to!

09-25-01, 11:23 PM
ya get DDR. its around the same price as SDR now, and its a lot better than SDR.:)

09-25-01, 11:45 PM
cool thanks you guys. anyone knnow when the kt266a is coming out on mass production?