View Full Version : Bizarre problem with IE - help needed!

02-10-06, 08:27 AM
Okay, I've had this pc for about 2 years now. Always in the past, I've clicked on the Internet Explorer shortcut and its gone into the browser instantly - like in a quarter of a second.

I haven't made any hardware or software changes to my pc, so I boot it up and decide to do some web browsing. Click on the IE shortcut... nothing happens. About 7 seconds later, the browser comes up. Everything else about the pc is fine - but this is seriously annoying! :bang head

What should I do? I've defragged the disk and run a spyware/antivirus sweep, but they've improved nothing.

When I click on Internet Explorer, it doesn't even search on the hard disk - the pc does nothing, it just hangs for 7 seconds before loading up the browser. It's so weird.

Help is really appreciated :)

02-10-06, 09:03 AM
re-install IE. download the IE install file from microsoft.com, then go into add remov eprograms, then go into add remove windows components, untick IE and click next. reboot your machine and then re-install it. make sure you back up your favourites.

then go even better and get firefox or opera. www.mozilla.com, or just ditch ie and get firefox and only use buggy ie when you really have to

02-10-06, 10:04 AM
I don't think that will work, Gorilly. With XP it will not uninstall IE6 only the shortcut. This (http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm) might work, but it's a crap shoot. I have had problems with IE6 for months with no luck fixing it. The only sure fire solution is an XP repair install. Good luck with it.

02-10-06, 01:56 PM
Tried cleaning the cache, browsing history, and everything else? better yet, delete your temporary internet folder manually. Also try disabling all the internet explorer add-ons except the ones from microsoft. then try enabling them one by one, see whats causing it. :)