View Full Version : SO-DIMM Socket gone BAD!

08-23-06, 05:22 PM
I own a Sony Vaio Laptop model PCG-FXA63. It is an Athlon XP 1600+ machine that had 2 X 256 MB PC133 SO-Dimms in it.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that this laptop had become dog slow. After a little sleuthing, I found that the system was reporting only 256 MB of memory. So I opened up the memory port and took out one, and then the other SO-DIMM and found that BOTH were working--it was one of the SOCKETS that had gone bad.

Since I figured this out, I went ahead and ordered a 512 MB stick from Newegg and am back in business. However, I was curious what the chances might be to get the other socket working short of a motherboard replacment.

The laptop hasn't been dropped or otherwise handled roughly. I did however, recently purchase a docking station off eBay and have been using that quite extensively. I also recently updated the ATI RAGE Mobility driver. Though, I'm pretty sure that the computer was slowing down before I got the port replicator or updated the video driver, but I'm not positive as I didn't figure this out until after I'd done both.