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09-05-06, 02:30 AM
Hello everybody. Buying laptop in my country (Slovenia) is a big step, because they are really overpriced. But as I am a student I have some alternatives. My faculty in association with some computer ratailer offers students fair prices for laptops. We could choose beetwen five different models. The only model I am interested in is HP compaq (Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHZ, 1 GB DDR2 ram, 100GB disc and Radeon X1600, 15.4"). Price for that model in specific offer calculated in US$ should be around 1800$. Keep in mind that similar laptop bought ordinarily here should be around 3000$. I know that a price is tempting, but I have one second thought. Will Radeon X1600 become obsolete after the release of Windows Vista and DX10? I am not quite a gamer, sometimes I play some game (looking forward Gothic 3). My question is if I will be able to play games on this laptop for next few years?

09-05-06, 06:41 PM
Buy now. There's nothing DX10 out right now, and it's going to be awhile before they come out. Add to that games need to be made that support DX10. So if you can wait over a year be my guest, but for now that is a very strong card.