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11-29-01, 11:53 AM
Placed my order at svcompucycle.com for the Pal8045 hsf (for the xp1600 - my gf computer), got an email back saying my credit card had been declined, oh well got everything together and need a hsf, so I went to compusa to get myself a cheapo hs to use for the moment. And now I got a shipment from svcompucycle with my order in it... am I suppose to be happy or mad? e-mail them and ask why but stll no answer.:mad:

Should I send it back or use it? the current crap hs takes the xp to 51c at regular load (installing stuff)...and the new sink is the Pal8045 so it's a pain to take out the mobo to mount the sink.

11-29-01, 04:09 PM
The cheapo HSF isn't really good enough. Might as well keep the PAL-8045. Removing mainboards is a pain--at least the PAL-8045 is a good deal for its cost! And she'll have bragging rights, too. "My boyfriend is the best!" Can that hurt?

11-29-01, 04:30 PM
I'd keep it.

Some companies will continue to process your order by attempting to run your card up to 3 more times. They should indicate that in the email they sent you however. I would be upset over that if they didn't mention trying to re-run the card again...could put you in a bind.

11-29-01, 08:27 PM
thanks for the replys guys
Well, they e-mail me saying that the credit card had been decline and tell me to contact them, and I didn't cuz I am new to this credit card declining thing and didn't know that they'll try again. my fault i think.

Just their email today saying that they'll give me the full refund. Currently it's runing without any other fan beside the hsf, I'll put in a harddrive fan and a case fan to see if the temp drop, if it won't, i'll keep the 8045.

11-29-01, 08:33 PM
hey try and make them a deal. tell them you already got another or something and see if you can get it at a discount