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04-24-07, 06:58 PM
ok, so i am back on vista for something new. i grab the new creative drivers for my audigy 4 and get em installed, get my games banged in, hit go, and boom i am greeted to craptacular crap comeing from my stereo. creative basically invented the soundcard right? vista has been around for awhile.. so wtf cant they write a driver that will at least do eax 1 in vista? music pounds just fine but games are not what they should be. ok.. so i have an auzentech xplosion 7.1 as well.. the last time i used it was just in xp, but that card was able to do eax 2 i believe in cod2. great i thought.. ill slap it in and see what happens. while browsing the auzentech site, i noticed new vista drivers, woohoo! must be my lucky day, i get em installed reboot and am greeted to more crap. i was never impressed with this auzentech to begin with, but i mean cmon. we spend alot of money on hardware, the least they could do is offer a good solid all around driver. speaking of which, somewhere between here and there, ati tool wont read my craptacular nvidia driver anymore. it did for a day, then it stopped about 15 mins ago lol :bday:

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04-24-07, 07:34 PM
my x-fi is working in 5.1 and EAX :D

The problem is that vista totally changed the way things are processed....so creative has to totally write new drivers. I do feel that they have had quite a long time since Vista was in Beta and should have had a complete solution by now...but they do have working drivers for at least the X-fi's ...I haven't checked into the other cards.

Unfortunately it was actually a driver/application leak that has given me full use of my card, but whatever I guess. :shrug: I'm just happy it works. I've had Vista for a couple of months but didn't use it because I have to have full use of my soundcard. But now I do :) And with Alchemy I have EAX.

04-24-07, 09:01 PM
heheh well i am back to xp, and it looks like an xfi is in my future :)

thanks :beer:

04-24-07, 09:52 PM
You can probably find an extrememusic on ebay for a pretty decent price. otherwise you have to buy the fataility version from retail.

I found a pretty decent deal and got an X-fi Platinum for $70. Only issue was that it didn't have the i/o cable. Welp, it turns out that a 40 pin IDE cable works like a charm. :) Just have to find an old one that has all 4 conductors, not like most of the newer ones that have the unused pins blocked off. Luckily I had an entire box of IDE cables and had several old ones. I ended up rounding and sleeving mine, so it matches the rest of my sleeved wires. (not that it really matters in my non-windowed case :beer:)