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01-10-02, 10:32 AM
I've got a 100 bucks in my pocket and I want to buy
a new video card. I currently have a Hercules 32 meg mx card that has treated me well.
I'm looking at a Asus gforce 2 GTS pure 32 meg card (retail) and also a ATI Radeon 7500 (oem & not sure of the core and mem speed).
The gforce card is 99 bucks and the Radeon is 109.
I want to pick this card up at lunch so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.:burn:

01-10-02, 10:53 AM
hmmm, if you could wait like 2 months.. the gf4's will be out, therefor gf3 prices droping.. so im sure you could get a gf3 ti200 close to 100 bucks.. ti200's will do as good or better then the ti500 with good cooling..
so wait save up and get a ti200 gf3 or better.. going from one crapy vid card, to one thats not much better isnt a good idea in my mind.. as least a waste of $$$$ for me..

Cisco Kid
01-10-02, 11:52 AM
The 7500 is the better card out of the 2 you are considering , it offers newer technology and it is flat out faster than the original Geforce 2 GTS cards.

It is faster than the new G2 Ti200 cards with the shrunk die, and it is almost equal to an Ultra in speed although just behind by a few fps. The overclocking potential of the 7500 has been very good, I have got to a best of 342/560 and MYKEX another board member has his at 344/606 I believe, over default of 290/460. Performance I think is limited after a certain point anyways and the performace gain is minimal after a certain point. Most retail cards will hit 340/570 bringing the biggest gain

The big benefit of the card is that it will provide you with MUCH better 2D and in my opinion 3D video quality/detail. I will post a link that gives comparison images where you will notice the difference. (gota find this review , give me a bit)

7500 also offers TV out at 1024x768 with HDTV support and dual monitor support. It is also very overclockable card, default is 290/460 with 4 ns ram on retail versions. I would recommend the Powermagic retail version of the 7500 for price and to make sure you get the same clk/mem speeds as the ATI retail version. Here is a link and it can be found for $119 online at www.pricewatch.com


Another review is here


Dissolved made a good point, but the G4 cards will not be out for more like 2-3 months and you need the card now. I would say the G3 Ti200 will not come down to $100 in price cause that would push the nvidia G2 Ti200 series down to like $50-60 , I just can not see that happening right away. I think the G3 Ti200 price will remain pretty constant for a while.

So between the 2 cards you have considered I would take the 7500 hands down, you get the extra 32 ddr and you get newer technology vs older technolgy, better video qulaity, dual monitor, TV out at 1024x768, most cards are stuck at 800x600 still plus great hardware dvd support, plus support of some DX8 features but not all.

Also Powercolor has a Radeon 7500 Ultra for $105 US

here are the specs, clk is at 270 vs 290 by ATI but mem is the same at 230, specs do not say the rating of the ddr ram that would be a question to ask

I have also heard good things about the OEM Original ATI cards they just do not come with the extras but are clocked just like retail and sell for $119 as the powermagic does, check page 2 out at pricewatch under video cards and search for ATI Radeon 7500.

This shopuld give you some info to sift through and you should see the Radeon 7500 is the better buy of the 2 you are considering.

Cisco Kid

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01-10-02, 12:06 PM
id still say the ti200.. it oc's the best and i bet he could get the extra 20 bucks or so to get one..

Cisco Kid
01-10-02, 04:46 PM
Originally posted by Dissolved
id still say the ti200.. it oc's the best and i bet he could get the extra 20 bucks or so to get one..

The G3 Ti200 is faster than a Radeon 7500 BUT it costs about $50 more than a retail 7500.

The G2 Ti200 is not faster it is slower than the 7500 in pretty well the majority of the tests done. Check the links out I have posted and read the conclusions as well as benchmark tests. The Radeon excels at the higher res and it overclocks just as well as a G2 Ti200. There are no driver issues with the 7500 at all.

The advantages the 7500 are better 2D Video , dvd playback, dual monitor, TV out at 1024x768 HDTV support, which the G2 Ti200 can not do.The image quality of the Radeon is better, tests show comparisons of images and the Radeon is clearer.

Remember he is considering an (original) Geforce 2 GTS vs a Radeon 7500. Even if he considers a G2 Ti200 the 7500 is still a better card in terms of speed and all round use.

Yeah I am pro ATI but in this case the 7500 is a better card than a G2 Ti200 or a Geforce 2 GTS original. If he was considering the G3 Ti200 that would be a different story cause then it would be a G3 Ti200 over a 7500 but at a cost of on average $50 US extra which is alot, considering in gaming you probably would not notice the framerate diff but the G3 Ti200 would last longer.

Cisco Kid;)

01-10-02, 04:52 PM
7500 no contest....its closer to an Ultra than it is the a Geforce2 Pro even...the GTS just cant stand up....

01-10-02, 06:03 PM
Thanks for your input,
I've made up my mind to go with the 7500 not only due to performance (i also think video quality is performance), but also versatility! Also I was wondering, could I by using the rca patch cable record dvd's to vhs? without the signal going in and out as it does on my home dvd player?