View Full Version : 32" Monitor/TV

04-15-09, 11:25 PM
Hadn't really cruised this thread much but I highly recommend these things, I've loved mine so far and works great as a monitor.

I haven't even used the tuner yet as have a 47" Olevia 747i in the Florida room here that I use for TV and have cloned this to it for movies from the computer on a second HDMI with the sound card to the sound system, but thought I'd put this out there for anyone looking for a decent monitor/TV.


Unless I'm wrong, I believe it's basically a 32" Naga monitor with a tuner in it.

BTW, the guy that wrote the review before me on the egg about HDMI is full of it I'd say, this works great in HDMI here.

Only thing I had to do with picture was set sharpness to 0 from the menu for the main thing, it is pretty much personal preference from there. It can be a bit froggy getting set up initially. I think I had to use another monitor the first time I set it up on a second port to get Catalyst to recognize it right a few months back. After that it's been running great even with driver upgrades.