View Full Version : Using PSU`s in different countries?

05-01-09, 04:45 AM
Im on UK 240V 50Hz AC
Any pointers for using a 700W PSU in a country that runs 220V
Should I swap out... flying blind please shout out if you know anthing about these things :)

May also not be the most stable supply... so is a UPS a good thing or a must?

05-01-09, 07:38 AM
What PSU do you have now? Corsair PSUs have auto-switch for 120/220. Others have a manual switch on the back. It would depend on whether you have a PSU with a built-in switch or not.

05-01-09, 08:19 AM
Its a jeantech with no switch visable and the country in question is 220V im on 240V
whats the effect of the 20V shortfall.... still in tolerance for operation?

05-01-09, 09:33 AM
have you checked the specs? some psu's list a range for AC voltage they will run on. those without switches for say 120 to 240, normally list 120v-240v as a input voltage.

05-01-09, 09:55 AM
expect I do have a manual somewhere #Laughs#
no idea where.

It will work because UK voltage swings a few times threw the day so its not an exact science as such, theres always enough current at whatever voltage for the PSU to perform, Just need new plugs I suppose.

nominal figures is how to look at the difference from one country to another, sure if I bought the PSU there it would be exactly the same only with a different power cord.

having the house wired with UK sockets would just be so much easier and cheaper than changing everything else #Chuckles#

05-01-09, 11:59 AM
If the PSU has activePFC it should auto-sense a voltage from 90-260v, around that voltage anyway.

05-01-09, 02:05 PM
Your power supply will be fine anywhere other than the Congo. The manufacturers pump out one supply for the whole world. They don't have a UK version, a US version, a Spain version, and an Argentina version. As long as input voltage doesn't oscillate or wander like crazy and stays within 20% of either the 110v or 220v it will be A OK, I guarantee it.