View Full Version : Planning My New TJ-07 Build - Questions

07-20-09, 03:01 AM
Hi Everyone!

I'm gonna be asking a lot of questions about this particular case (Silverstone TJ-07) in the next few weeks, as Im planning a new build for probs later this year early next year...
1. I'm going to put a double 120mm rad in the roof - does this require any case mods?? I'm guessing not - I hope!
2. Same with the triple 120mm rad in bottom - any case mods?
3. Do I need to buy any longer screws to attach the fans to the rad to the case? Or does the rad come with them?
4. What is the best way to drill holes for the pump??

I've never build a water cool rig before, so I'm just making sure everything goes to plan!

I'm going to use compression fittings all round as they're the best - I think!

I'm going for the silver TJ-07, with white tubing, black anti coil, like the scan great white - only i7, P6T, Corsair 1.6ghz 6gb, GTX 285/HD4890 - not decieded yet! and a mixture of ssds and hdds!

Thanks for the help in advance!