View Full Version : overclocking the geforce2mx

01-26-02, 07:54 AM

OK well i tried to overclock my 64 mb geforce2 mx 400 palit daytona using the latest drivers from nvidia. I put it up by 20 on each bar and it was working perfectly in a game like starcraft but when i went to play halflife-counterstrike my fps was 6!!!!!!!
it was running like a snail...

how do i fix this thing, reinstall the game? or what

help wanted urgent plz :)

01-26-02, 10:34 AM
get it back to the stock frequencies and start testing it with a benchmark utility. dont increase the frequencies that high at once. start with steps of 5MHz max. increase them and benchmark. pay attention to the artifacts and colors. if you want to do it correctly, increase the core and memory at once. first the memory, then the core. always benchmark between each step and if its possible run other intesive games too.
its possible that the memory isnt all that good. many palit cards have known quality issues, unfortunately. thats not a problem about the company, thats a market issue. so, u have possibly gone beyond the memory limit, if you cant see that in the games, youd better get other ones, like nfsPU for ex, to test while you overclock the card.
good luckl.