View Full Version : Computer wont boot up QQ.

10-07-09, 07:44 PM
Alright well I replaced my power supply which was an inevitable fix. The fan had become noisy and it was giving off an o-zone(y) smell. However, to my dismay the computer would not boot up afterward. Before I had replaced my power supply it had the same problem. I figured at the time that it was my power supply going from the state of dying to dead. I must admit at the moment I realized I would have to replace my power supply I jabbed the power button pretty hard; Which makes me believe that it may have something to do with the power supply lead. I did check to make sure it as well as the other leads were connected to the motherboard properly. The only thing left that I can think of is that I need to replace the lead altogether but I can't be certain. Does anyone have any feedback that might help with this problem? (All this trouble for jabbing my power switch :bang head)

10-07-09, 09:59 PM
If you think it is the power button why not try touchin the wires manual to rule it out before ya go and get one? if ya have one of the power meter things(can't remember the name) check to see if the standby pin is getting power... make sure the master switch on the psu is in the on position and make sure it is plugged in(if in a power strip, check the power strip is on or reset maybe)...