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10-15-09, 08:54 PM
ok guys, i cant figure this one out. i had a 19" LCD that had both vga and dvi connectors on it. ive had this thing for years but always used the vga because i didnt have a video card with dvi for a long time. i finally got a new card but could never get the monitor to switch over to dvi so i just put an adaptor on my vga cable and have been using that. today i got a new 21.5" lcd and hooked it up via dvi (this video card doesnt have HDMI) and it wont work. i tried the new dvi cable that came with it and still nothing. i used the vga cable with dvi adaptor and it works fine.... how is this possible? :bang head

10-15-09, 09:08 PM
Shut off the PC. Connect the DVI > DVI cable. Turn on the Monitor and make sure the DVI input is selscted. Turn on PC - Video Card will detect DVI connection and *should* work like a charm...


10-15-09, 09:32 PM
..... i feel like a moron. that worked. i dont know why i didnt try it before, i just assumed it was the same signal and shouldnt have to switch on the video card.


10-15-09, 10:06 PM

Lolz - Don't feel like a moron - as you said this is not exactly "logical" IMO. If I know this, then I've obviously been in this same predicament myself :p


10-15-09, 10:18 PM
haha, well im glad im not alone here.

10-20-09, 07:38 PM
What randyman said, very nice!

10-21-09, 10:58 AM
Also just as a note, most video cards these days do support HDMI if you want to use it, you just have to get a $2 adapter