View Full Version : 4670 Slideshowing during HD video, but not games

12-02-09, 03:38 AM
Got a 4670 in April for my HTPC project, plans changed for a while, but now I'm finally putting it to use as an HTPC.

The first HD video I load up causes my screen to freeze after random amounts of time (sometimes seconds, sometimes half an hour). I also game on this machine and have never had any problem with this. After it freezes it starts slideshowing giving me a new frame every 15-20 seconds until I end up rebooting it and trying again til it freezes yet again... and again.. One time when it was slideshowing I pulled up the ATI control center and the GPU was pegged at 99% with temperature at 42 degrees. While this is all happening the computer is still going about it's business like normal. I can hear the audio from the movie continue perfectly fine, just the display is messed up.

Heat obviously is not the problem. I've tried half a dozen drivers, I've disabled Aero themes (saw someone mention that as a possible fix).

This is the most annoying thing ever. I can't return this to Newegg since I'm well past 30 days so I sent a service message to Sapphire on their site. The card has a 2 year warranty. If all else fails I'll just have to get it replaced with something else. I really liked this card because it's virtually silent, though. :(

Anyone think of another solution?

Using Win 7 with i7/DDR3. For the record the video seemed a bit funky before I upgraded to i7, but nothing like it is now.

12-03-09, 04:13 AM
Sapphire replied asking if I'd updated my drivers...

I mean, come on?

They did say if drivers didn't work an RMA would be the next step so I've replied and hopefully this will be as close to painless as possible.

My first ATI card since my Tyan 9700Pro ages ago after half a dozen flawless nVidia cards...