View Full Version : Aluminum Case for $75???

02-05-02, 04:39 PM
Anyone had any experience with this case?

I'm looking to build a lan box, but I still want it to have enough room to expand... I want the lessened weight that aluminum provides, but I'm really not willing to spend 175 bucks on a case without PSU...

So anyway, if you know anything about this case, quality, airflow considerations, etc, that'd be great if you could share...

02-05-02, 07:17 PM
i know a kid who has a case like that, he likes it alot, id rather get the enermax w/ 330watt psu on newegg.com, (find it yourself). 99$+shipping, great midtower case.

02-05-02, 11:30 PM
nah... they're really heavy... I'm lookin for something I can put handles on or get one of those straps for... I've already got two 50 pound cases... :D
So yeah, anyone have any word on these?

02-06-02, 08:19 AM
Like most OCZ stuff, it looks like a pretty version of another company's items. It looks like a Skyhawk case to me. Check around for Skyhawk cases, they are aluminum and pretty inexpensive. Not as super-quality as Lian Li or Coolermaster, but you get what you pay for...

02-06-02, 08:43 AM
By 'not as super-quality' do you mean they're poorly designed? are they stable (don't bend easily)? do they have a lot of sharp edges? Come with thumscrews?

02-06-02, 10:15 PM
I find that I like the stability offered by traditional cases.

Then again I'm 6'3. I can take the weight ;)


02-06-02, 10:51 PM
I can take the weight, i've been moving an enlight 7237 around for LANs, but I wouldn't mind something lighter, so maybe I can carry more than just the pc, ie, my duffle bag with mouse, keyboard etc...

02-07-02, 02:34 AM
You can see the details and inside here (http://www.electroseller.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=electroseller&Product_Code=AL-4379EBK-NO%20POWER). I think I'm going to get one to replace my little Lian LI PC31

02-07-02, 07:27 AM
its a fine case, dont expect lian li craftsmanship or looks though . . .

Captain Slug
02-08-02, 01:45 PM
Here's the Aluminum case I bought...
I love it because of it's included rackmount handles and 8 5.25" bays (I had to buy adapters to mount Hard drives and a Floppy, but that does allow me to cool the hard drives).
I'm now a converted believer of aluminum because my whole system now weighs a mere 18 pounds.
Skyhawk cases tend to have a number of sharp edges but they are just as sturdy as most I've seen.

Electroseller.com (http://www.electroseller.com) and NewEgg.com (http://www.newegg.com) both have aluminum mid-towers w/ power supplies for $119 and above