View Full Version : What mobo to use?

02-28-02, 08:01 AM
Hey i was wondering what would be the best mobo for an amd xp chip. My friend is going to build a comp and i havn't looked at many diff manufacturers to see what is the best. I was thinking something in the abit lineup. I only want DDR ram slots and it has to be the best for the xp chip. I want the fastest chipset and price is not really an issue. 100-200 bucks. Please run down a list of the top few in the industry. Thanks a lot!

02-28-02, 08:10 AM
ohh and i heard the 8KHA+ is a good mobo for 90 i think i saw but i not sure. I am prepared to spend at least 120 or 130. I want the best.

02-28-02, 03:07 PM
Heres what I'd choose in this order:

Shuttle AK35GTR
Shuttle AK31
Epox 8KHA+
Abit K7RA

03-05-02, 09:26 AM
hey dont forget the soltek. very happy with mine so far not one problem