View Full Version : Case Badges?

02-28-02, 07:30 PM
I got some EL sheets and am going to backlight a case badge on my pc. I bought some poly domes etc, and they came with some blank case badge stickers.
Does anyone know of software for printing case badges? so that I can get them right onto the squares without hours of experimentation.

02-28-02, 09:30 PM
I just use Paint Shop Pro.
Start your new image as 10"x10" at 120 pixels per inch (or 1/10 of the pixel count of what your printer can do).
When the image is done to your liking, select image>resize>actual print size. There you can choose to change it to 1"x1" at 1200 pixels per inch.
Adjust print settings to not center the pic, then the paper is usable more times.
Print it out on photo paper, cut it out, and apply the dome.

Not all programs can do this, and many printers don't do 1200 pixels per inch, so you'll have to adjust to what your stuff can do. But it'll sure look better than crayons!

*edit* you can also start the image at 1"x1" at 1200 pixels, It'll be the same size on screen (large), but print at case badge size. The monitor zooms in/out to match a picture to the display setting, not actual print size.