View Full Version : My observations of AS3 (Better late then never)

03-24-02, 10:32 PM
(Note: This is entirely my observations. No real scientific or controlled testing was done.)

Well I finally went at my cpu with Artic Silver3 to see if there would be a big difference from the original Artic Silver it had on it. It's been settling for the past 5days and so I believe my current temps being shown in MBM5 are as good as it will get.

So far, I see no big advantage over the AS1 it had before. My cpu temps are about .5C to 1C higher at idle now with AS3. However, with AS3 on, my temps rapidly drop when the cpu is idle, regardless of whether I have Rain running or not. With AS1, my temps would not drop much from thier normal high unless I ran Rain.
With AS3, Rain seems to only make a .5C difference at idle. I dont know if I sould be happy that I no longer need to use a HLT program, or if I sould be dissapointed because the temps are 1C higher now.
However, I'm very doubtful that my previous temps were as accurate as they are now. I didn't have the temp probe trimmed so that the actual probe is almost touching the cpu die. I believe this caused the probe to give the temps of the cpu's heatsink, and not the die itself. So the previous temps of the actual die may have been higher.
I wonder how many of us actually try to get the probe as close as possible, or for that matter, try to have the same conditions as previously, before we dismiss a product as I almost did?:beer:


03-25-02, 12:35 AM
Cool man, the info is appreciated. :)